Our company has perfect service guarantee system, ensure to provide timely and thoughtful service.

Pre-sale service:
1、My company can provide for the customer the most perfect product introduction, selection material.
2、Professionals to provide consulting services, and recommend the most suitable for the customer to the actual requirement of the product.

Medium-sales service:
1、To provide users with comprehensive technical support, fit the user selection, provide the most economic and reasonable scheme.
2、Free for the user to provide training, guidance of installation and maintenance method, to determine the best solution.
3、We guarantee delivery time as stipulated in the contract for your timely delivery.

After-sales service:
1、Quality warranty period: according to the provisions of the state on mechanical and electrical products quality assurance period for one year. In the quality assurance period, users will enjoy free service.
2、If customers in the use of our products appeared in the process of any problems, we will provide you with the following after-sales service:
•Users in the use of my company products in case of any problems, please call our after-sales service department, we received notice of the user after 3 hours to quickly response, to provide users with emergency solutions.
•We in 3 hours reaction mechanism for the user if can't solve the problem, can rapidly to provide users with related damaged parts, and through the cooperation express company to send to the buyer, can be in 24 hours to buyer's site for users to solve problems.
•In case of major quality problem, we will notice to the customer after a days the immediate and unconditional and princes products sent to the customers.
•The guarantee period of the after-sales service
As for the user is used undeserved or after the warranty, and cause our product damage or can't work normally, my company will provide repair service to the product, only charge you for replacement parts costs. And provide free technical training, so that customers can better use of the products.
•Product tracking and feedback
Our factory's products to build customer file, a machine a management plan, customer service department regular tracking product use situation, to ensure the normal operation of equipment;
Customers in the use of our products have questions we promise will reply in 24 hours or solve.